- You used to be a good little boy scout. What happened?
- I still am. I’m just working on some of the advanced badges.



I just had this sudden vivid image of Enjolras trying to deal with a crying five year old and oh my god it’s amazing


today has been so busy i’m ready for an ice pack and sleep


Les Misérables → songs


omfg i just saw this post like “i found some disgusting les mis fandom trends from before i was in the fandom like some ‘enjolras looks like a 17 year old girl’ bullshit”

like should somebody tell them or

les mis fancast 2.0 → quevenzhané wallis as gavroche thenardier

Les Misérables + costume porn


"is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play" "enjolras u could literally buy me"