if you guys were going to get a relatively short word tattooed on you, where would you get it?

Voted for you! Good luck :)

thank you! :)

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I voted for you in the poll, and I was vote 282 if that helps :) if you have time (im glad to vote just for the sake of voting though!!!) could you make a combeferre/courfeyrac graphic/edit? thanks x

thank you so much! and sure! i’m assuming you want it as a romantic pairing? and i’m just going to use movie!combeferre and courfeyrac if you don’t have an other preference

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Elle s’appelait Fantine. Retiens ce nom-là: — Fantine

citizens, there shall come a time when all shall be concord, harmony, light, joy, and life.

for enjolrastheingrate

(dif anon) yeah - I could vote each day!

oh sweet! thank you so much :)

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i voted for you a few days ago then i went to check how you're doing at it let me vote again??

are you saying it let you vote again? or..

make me choose
↳ coulsonlivesandfurylies asked: les misérables or the princess bride

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bea-sim and i are actually ridiculous

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i keep forgetting you're seventeen and that i act like a grandpa and i wanna like give you encouraging words and butterscotch candies

i hope that you forget i’m seventeen because i act a lot older because otherwise i’ll feel really bad about myself

if you’re a grandpa i have dibs on you cos you’d be the raddest most punk rock granddad ever