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   You're funny and awesome, I hope you have a wonderful day! I don't know why people haven't learned to stop sending death threats to cool people. I'm so sorry about that anon, no one should ever be told something like that.

thanks so much!

   did you actually just get told to kill urself over that post wtf people are shit and that post was funny, ur fab

no chill apparently

   Have you ever considered that you're really awesome? You're quality.

aw thank you haha you’re so kind

   Have you ever considered killing yourself? You're so snarky and rude.

are you seriously sending me death threats because you don’t like what i have to say

   Hello. Regarding your latest post - you can keep spreading misinformation and half-baked opinions about Enjolras all you want, but please, don't put it out there as an ''actual quote'' - people who have not read the book might take you seriously and the spread of misinformation will continue. Thanks.

lmfao this entire fucking website knows that victor hugo didn’t actually write “i’m here, i’m queer, stop erasing my sexuality” in his novel (though he was pretty fucking clear about enjolras’ sexuality) so don’t call shit that’s actually canon “misinformation”

unfollow me if you’re so offended 

"I’m here, I’m queer, stop erasing my fucking sexuality."

— Actual quote from Enjolras


les mis + popular text posts

"Fine. But I’m doing it because I want to, not because Combeferre told me to."

— Courfeyrac at some point, probably